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Confessions of a Clarinet Player

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wanted to learn to play the flute. However, by the time I got my head out of a book and decided that I ought to get my name down … Continue reading

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The Beach

This morning, we hit the beach. What a difference from last week. Seven days ago, this was made from soft, crushed coral, the sea was turquoise and the drinks were cold. Today? The bluey-brown ocean of the Severn Estuary, more … Continue reading

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Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 9

Good to be back out riding again, after a few weeks on vacation. It’s now over three months since I had my first round of treatment for cervical dystonia. And it shows. Just a week and a bit to go … Continue reading

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Teignmouth Electron. A Petition.

Following some previous interest shown in one of my blog posts, I contacted the Maritime Museum in Falmouth about a potential rescue for the poor old Teignmouth Electron (by them), before she finally disintegrates (if she hasn’t already). I got … Continue reading

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Aaaaaaagh! Or Tales From Flight BA2202

We’re finally back home. What a journey. Have to say that I don’t much care for Cancun airport. It always seems to be stuffed with far more people than it can hold. Low ceilings in the main airport building topped … Continue reading

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Thank You And Goodbye

Tomorrow, we are due to fly home. As we lie in our super-king bed, staring at the blue ocean and the very blue sky, the family considers the highs and lows of our trip to Mexico. The good points? Many … Continue reading

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Cenotes and Turtles

This morning, the alarm clock went off at 06:00am. We peeled ourselves out of bed, had a quick mouthful of too early coffee and went to wait for our guide. Our plan for the day? Swimming in a freshwater cenote … Continue reading

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