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When Charlie met Razzy

Are cats afraid of snakes? Are snakes afraid of cats? Who knows, but this is the moment when our Royal Python came face to face with one of our cats. Neither seemed worried by the other, even when Charlie (cat) tried to … Continue reading

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Near Miss

Yesterday we were very lucky. Storm Dorian took a turn to the North and missed the Dominican Republic.  According to the National Hurricane Centre (NHC), the eye of the storm is now 150 – 200 miles off the coast and … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Storm

Being British, we always choose to travel to the Caribbean during the hurricane season, mainly because it’s convenient for us, and more importantly, cheaper.  Now we’re about to find out why. Having spent the last few days, monitoring the National … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Rob Temple

Our family loves Rob Temple – a man who started with a dodgy haircut, a twitter account and a deep understanding of the British character and turned this unlikely combination of assets into 4 million social media followers, at least … Continue reading

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The Duke in his Domain

Feature writing covers a wide range of areas, but for me, profiling is probably the most interesting sub-genre.  The best profiles don’t tend to focus on hard biographical data about the subject, but instead aim to present a coherent, accessible … Continue reading

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Tourism: A Force for Good?

Having been a regular consumer of international tourism services for over 25 years, I’ve never really stopped to think about the impact that “the tourist” has, in rocking up at a new destination. I’m lucky enough to be writing this … Continue reading

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Green and Weird

… but beautiful. The Dominican Republic shows off it’s exuberant plant life.

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Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News is a fascinating account of key interviews undertaken by BBC journalist and Newsnight presenter, Emily Maitlis. If you’re looking for an academic work on the journalistic process, this ain’t it. But if you’re … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Dominican Republic

As the end of August approaches, life tends to get more frantic, as the date of the annual holiday approaches and each family member tries to complete allotted tasks in the ever shortening time before the scheduled departure date.  For … Continue reading

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