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Well, I could bang on about how bad my dystonia symptoms are today, but this would be a drag, so I won’t. Instead, something far more enjoyable. Glendurgan. Pardon? No, this is not a throat clearing exercise, but the name … Continue reading

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Watergate Bay

After yesterday’s disasterous attempt to visit the Tate at St. Ives, which consisted of hours of driving around in circles, unsuccessfully trying to find a parking space, today has been great. Having madly bought the Offspring a wetsuit from one … Continue reading

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Smell the Sea

How do you describe things that you love? Theoretically, this should be easy-peasy, but is it? When I think of my child and how I would describe her, I find it hard to encapsulate the essence of such complexity, without … Continue reading

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Anchor Chains

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but couldn’t resist taking pictures of anchor chains laid out on a slipway on Falmouth’s harbour-side. Amazing colour, texture and patterns formed by the many links in this, most essential, marine equipment.

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Why You Should Never Take Your Family Shopping

This morning, sun and rain have waged war in the skies over Falmouth; One minute, warm and clear, the next, rain of amazing intensity. And wetness. All the aftermath of mega storm, St. Jude. Sadly, I urgently needed to go … Continue reading

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Holiday? Pah!

Well, here we are. We should be sitting in our little Cornish “cottage”. Instead, we’re in the kitchen at home, listening to the wind howl and staring out into the pitch black garden. With the Met. Office seemingly predicting the … Continue reading

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The Film Club

So, David Gilmour has got himself into all sorts of hot water by apparently saying (to quote¬†The Guardian) that “he won’t teach books written by women.” Oh? Actually if you look a bit closer at what was said, it reads … Continue reading

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