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Facebook Users Go Down to 1.1 Billion – 1

This week, I’ve decided to close down my non-Dystonia Girl Facebook page. Drastic? No, not really.  I’m a confirmed blogger. I just don’t ‘get’ Facebook, but this could be because I’m a techno-duffer and I still haven’t worked out how … Continue reading

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Horse Riding (Without A Horse)

Sadly, there will be no horsey activities to report on until late next week. My chauffeur (husband) is away and the stables are too difficult to get to on public transport. A ridiculous situation as I have two cars sitting … Continue reading

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Always Read Your Horoscope

Just looked at my horoscope for today, and along with all the normal drivel, one statement stuck out: “… Pay special attention to your intuition today, …”. Hmm … Knew I should have stayed in bed. Everything started to go … Continue reading

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The Value of Teamwork

Today is ‘Day 2’ of the half term holidays. And it’s pouring with rain. My child and I sit on the kitchen sofa, one reading (me) and the other iPad-ing (the child). We only have two mission critical things to … Continue reading

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Dystonia Girl Gets Half a Face

Or, The Importance of Remaining Anonymous. Today, I’ve added a picture of myself to this blog. As you can see, it still preserves my modesty by only revealing a small area of my face. Why such coyness? You ask. Are … Continue reading

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One and a Quarter Film Reviews

I’ve just set up a Facebook page, so I can communicate with ‘non-bloggers’ (who are they?).  So this is a quick post to test the linkage between my WordPress universe and this internet leviathan. Last night, family viewing activities consisted … Continue reading

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Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 3

From time to time in the past, my husband has come to my lessons armed with a video camera. He has taken footage of dressage tests, schooling sessions and the like. On our return home, I’ve then been able to … Continue reading

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