The Project

The Dystonia Girl project came about as a result of DG being diagnosed with … Dystonia. This rare neurological movement disorder works to make life difficult for the sufferer in innumerable ways. Pain and uncontrolled muscle activity are just a few of it’s manifestations. Sufferers may also develop depression.

There is no cure.

Symptoms can sometimes be brought under control by quarterly Botox injections. These injection programmes can take a long time to yield results.

The Dystonia Girl project was conceived as therapeutic programme, to stimulate thought, to encourage and support others with the condition, to write and engage with the many talented and interesting individuals who call the internet, home.

Oh, and to have some fun!

So far it’s worked wonders. DG tries to write as much as possible, when the ‘day job’ doesn’t intervene too much and the Dystonia Girl blog gets the odd visitor. Some even come back.

DG Eye is an extension of this project, with the addition of a picture blog.

Thanks for Reading. And looking.

Keep Well.

Want To Find Out More?
Dystonia Girl’s picture blog can be found at:

Contact the Dystonia Society via their website:

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