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Treasure Island

This week, with the TV schedules groaning with yuletide quiz shows, repeats and the like, a little gem appeared unexpectedly. I’m not much of a fan of books ‘adapted for TV’ due to the fact that: (a) they are generally … Continue reading

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When the other half said he’d bought the first series of Arrow to add to the Family Unit’s TV viewing schedule, no one rushed to rip the cellophane off the DVD box. Our household is a strictly Marvel only place … Continue reading

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Lewis Collins

I was strangely saddened to hear that Lewis Collins had died yesterday. Try as I might, I just can’t see him as anything other than his alter ego, William Bodie. A character for whom I entertained a certain affection. He … Continue reading

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Save The Day

Unless you’ve hidden yourself away, deep in a cave or unplugged all iThings, you can’t have failed to notice that Dr Who is fifty years old, this week. Fifty. Five-zero. Impressive. A tribute to good writing brought wildly to life … Continue reading

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About two weeks ago, I suddenly had the urge to watch TV. Where this came from, who knows (?), as I rarely switch on the new fangled, infernal picture machine. My choice of viewing? An old favourite not seen for … Continue reading

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Last night, I indulged in a secret passion. Yes folks, I got control of the TV remote, fired up Sky Atlantic and what did I find? Seinfeld. Wunderbar. What is it about this “show about nothing” that keeps you coming … Continue reading

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The White Queen

So, the BBC’s new Sunday night historical crowd pleaser is rubbish, apparently. I’m really sorry about this, for lots of different reasons. Firstly, this seemingly neglected period of British history is populated by some interesting and influential characters, both male … Continue reading

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This week has seen me re-watching BBC’s recent foray into the world of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock). Suitably re-booted for the iPad generation, with a beautifully tailored and nervy Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, Cumberbatch is superb. Holmes’s skin fits … Continue reading

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