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Wild Parenting

As any parent knows, the worst thing you can say to a child is “If you do X, I will buy Y”, because at some point you have to make good on your promises. Having indulged in this mad behaviour, … Continue reading

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Why Would I Take My Child Hunting?

Hunting. The very word instantly polarises opinion and puts people on one side or another of a great divide. But then I’m not sure that things are quite so black and white as they might seem at first hand. Take … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

When visiting other parts of the world, a tourist is often presented with challenging sights, which are not welcome to his or her way of thinking. Yesterday, on our trip to Cancun, we saw a little, emaciated pony. The pony … Continue reading

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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

No, actually, it’s a ?? I found this little beastie sitting next to my sun lounger. The picture is slightly blurred, because the bug wouldn’t sit still and I’m fairly inept with the camera and it’s many settings (point and … Continue reading

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Take a Tennis Racquet to Breakfast

The hotel where we’re staying is great. Food, room, beach, pool, staff. All lovely. However, thieves are at work on a daily basis. Yes, folks. Be prepared to have the food stolen out of your mouths, if you dare to … Continue reading

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This is probably the biggest snake I have ever seen. It has the most amazing markings. I’m not an expert in keeping snakes, but I think it should be in a bigger enclosure (I hate to see animals in cages, … Continue reading

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