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Museums: Responsibilities, Ethics and Education

In amongst the sailing boats, skeletons, swords and other sea faring ephemera, that form the current exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum (NMMC), are three or four small, easily overlooked boards which pose some very interesting questions about how we … Continue reading

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Monsters of the Deep

Today we spent an instructive afternoon in Falmouth’s maritime museum.  Long a favourite with us, the museum is home to the quirky, odd and sometimes downright potty, things to do with seafaring matters. Standing exhibitions take care of things like the … Continue reading

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Back To School

If anyone ever tells you that it’s easy to get your child into a good school, look at the calendar, check that it’s not April 1st and that you don’t have a sign saying “Kick Me” on your back, then … Continue reading

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An Educational Experiment Produces Results

Back in October, I wrote a post about a book I’d read called The Film Club. I found the central premise of the book fascinating: Film as an enabler for further education and support. Is it possible to learn from … Continue reading

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