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Lewis Collins

I was strangely saddened to hear that Lewis Collins had died yesterday. Try as I might, I just can’t see him as anything other than his alter ego, William Bodie. A character for whom I entertained a certain affection. He … Continue reading

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Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 19

Finally. Managed to get a lunge lesson today.  I’ve suggested this to different instructors at different times and all have backed away from it. And I’m totally at a loss to understand why. Do instructors think that clients will be … Continue reading

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Save The Day

Unless you’ve hidden yourself away, deep in a cave or unplugged all iThings, you can’t have failed to notice that Dr Who is fifty years old, this week. Fifty. Five-zero. Impressive. A tribute to good writing brought wildly to life … Continue reading

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Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 18

Back in the saddle this week, after a couple of weeks’ absence. Boy, it’s good to be back! There’s no doubt that riding, reduces my stress levels. Or it would if the Offspring didn’t do crazy things (I haven’t written … Continue reading

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Falmouth Harbour

A few hours around Falmouth’s busy harbour soon alerts the most casual observer to it’s former and current strategic importance to the region. Henry VIII certainly devoted some brain time to this issue, commissioning the building of fortifications to both … Continue reading

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Most years, Hallowe’en finds us trailing the local streets, dressed like Riff Raff from the the Rocky Horror Picture Show, asking complete strangers for sweets. We usually do this, with our daughter and a selection of her friends. This year, … Continue reading

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