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Meal with a View

The Cove Bar and Restaurant at Maenporth. Secluded but buzzy. Great food in a super location. Continue reading

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Falmouth Harbour

A few hours around Falmouth’s busy harbour soon alerts the most casual observer to it’s former and current strategic importance to the region. Henry VIII certainly devoted some brain time to this issue, commissioning the building of fortifications to both … Continue reading

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Smell the Sea

How do you describe things that you love? Theoretically, this should be easy-peasy, but is it? When I think of my child and how I would describe her, I find it hard to encapsulate the essence of such complexity, without … Continue reading

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Anchor Chains

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but couldn’t resist taking pictures of anchor chains laid out on a slipway on Falmouth’s harbour-side. Amazing colour, texture and patterns formed by the many links in this, most essential, marine equipment.

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Fabulous Falmouth

Super duper. Family DG are off to Falmouth in a few weeks time. I can’t wait. We love it. We started going to Cornwall when the Offspring was born, as it seemed easier to just lob everything into the car … Continue reading

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