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Smell the Sea

How do you describe things that you love? Theoretically, this should be easy-peasy, but is it? When I think of my child and how I would describe her, I find it hard to encapsulate the essence of such complexity, without … Continue reading

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Anchor Chains

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but couldn’t resist taking pictures of anchor chains laid out on a slipway on Falmouth’s harbour-side. Amazing colour, texture and patterns formed by the many links in this, most essential, marine equipment.

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Today, I bought a copy of Vogue magazine (UK, September 2013 edition). So, what’s unusual about that, you might ask? I stopped buying Vogue some years ago, as I felt the editorial quality had slipped, the photography was poor and … Continue reading

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Sea Fever

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky. And all I ask, is a tall ship and a star to steer her by…” – Sea Fever, John Masefield Yesterday morning, it rained heavily. … Continue reading

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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

No, actually, it’s a ?? I found this little beastie sitting next to my sun lounger. The picture is slightly blurred, because the bug wouldn’t sit still and I’m fairly inept with the camera and it’s many settings (point and … Continue reading

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Graffiti or Art?

As I walk, walk, walk around the town with a camera at the ready, I’ve started to realise that there is an exceptional artist at work.  I’ve found interesting and well executed pictures, in unusual places, on the streets. I … Continue reading

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Stan, The Seagull

This morning, the Offspring and I were down at school early. As her school is on the seafront, I decided to walk back to town, via the beach. Now, our beach is huge. Approximately three miles wide, half a mile … Continue reading

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