Save The Day

imageUnless you’ve hidden yourself away, deep in a cave or unplugged all iThings, you can’t have failed to notice that Dr Who is fifty years old, this week.

Fifty. Five-zero. Impressive.

A tribute to good writing brought wildly to life by great actors, in (until the re-boot) … horrific costumes. Who can forget John Pertwee’s velvet suit and daft frilly shirt? Peter Davison’s leek button hole or Tom Baker’s ridiculous scarf? How can you fight aliens with such sartorial madness going on? Or perhaps the costumes were aliens? Clearly the clothes won in the end and the Doctor disappeared for a while. Probably to find a new tailor.

Then, suddenly, he’s back. Sharp haircut, new face, leather jacket and a seriously menacing look. Mean. Bad wolf. Cool.

And he’s never looked back, or better. And boy have there been some surprises. Catherine Tate for one. When I heard she’d been chosen to play David Tennant’s companion, I was horrified. Then, amazed. The chemistry between them was real and the acting formidable. Made the licence fee worth the money.

Not a fan? Forget the sci-fi aspects and concentrate on drama. Try the “locked room” episode, Midnight for an acting master class.

Most memorable line? Matt Smith’s rapid fire debut line to Karen Gillan, “… You’re Scottish. Fry something.”

Happy Birthday, Time Lord.

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