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The Second World War

I’m quite interested in military history, as I find understanding the conflicts of the past helps unlock the motivations of the present. Add to this, a love of maps and strategy and I’ve suddenly turned into an armchair general. ┬áThe … Continue reading

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Some years ago, I used to work in London and, as I lived on the South Coast, I spent a lot of time on trains. Which was very annoying. On the plus side, it did mean that I had a … Continue reading

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Back To School

If anyone ever tells you that it’s easy to get your child into a good school, look at the calendar, check that it’s not April 1st and that you don’t have a sign saying “Kick Me” on your back, then … Continue reading

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The House of Mirth

This week, a ‘lucky dip’ read comes good. As a general rule, if you are looking for a good book, you will never find yourself standing in front of the bookshelves of one of the town’s larger stationery suppliers. If … Continue reading

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Anthony Trollope. A Beard To Be Reckoned With

This week, comfort reading and a return to one of my favourite writers. Anthony Trollope. A prolific Victorian author and Post Office official, credited with introducing the post box to Britain’s streets. Other interests? Beard cultivation. Over the years, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Film Club

So, David Gilmour has got himself into all sorts of hot water by apparently saying (to quote┬áThe Guardian) that “he won’t teach books written by women.” Oh? Actually if you look a bit closer at what was said, it reads … Continue reading

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Jamaica Inn

With our holiday to Cornwall fast approaching, it seemed appropriate to blow the dust off my old copy of Jamaica Inn. I say old, as my copy’s front page bears my childishly scrawled name, then a date of some thirty … Continue reading

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