The Second World War

I’m quite interested in military history, as I find understanding the conflicts of the past helps unlock the motivations of the present. Add to this, a love of maps and strategy and I’ve suddenly turned into an armchair general.  The ultimate focus of these lines of inquiry are the 20th century’s major conflicts and specifically,  the Second World War, with Winston Churchill’s writings on this subject being the start point.

Churchill published an acclaimed history of the World War II, in six volumes. The Second World War is an abridged version of these books.

This work rightly stands out as a scholarly, strategic record of the key events of the war, written by the man who directed Britain’s foreign policy, home defence and ultimately led the country to victory.

A difficult topic to summarise within a thousand pages, but Churchill does this with ease, making the complex subject matter digestible to the casual reader, explaining decisions, political manoeuvring and military actions, succinctly. However, the most compelling aspect of the book is the man himself. Calm, authoritative and a superlative leader.

A massive, but rewarding history lesson from the man in the eye of the storm.

In these dark days, reading of his unfailing belief in the people of “the Island” and is infectious and inspiring.

A recommended read.



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