The Author

Tall, dark, dangerously attractive woman, with sparkling intellect and fabulous sense of humour. Loves riding and has no time for people who think laptops are better than books or horses. Happens to have Dystonia. Anonymous. Sometimes goes by the name, DG.

The Author’s Family

A small, dysfunctional unit, consisting of husband, daughter (‘Offspring’), one large and two small ginger tabbies, a crested gecko and a largish python.

(Names have been hidden to protect the innocent).


At a secret location, in the UK.

8 Responses to About

  1. Loved this description but worry I may be on your hit list as although I love horses I am married to Mac, my laptop … oh, and some old bloke who keeps hanging around.

    Perhaps I could get into your good graces via The Toof, my old ginger ex-tom (he loves the ladies and is a ‘Leslie Philips’ sort of cat … minus the cravat of course. Are you old enough to remember Leslie Philips?)

    I am now going to look up dystonia …

    • Ahh … Don’t worry. I’m used to non-horsey folk. The old ‘ball and chain’ just looks at me with blank incomprehension when I talk about ‘cantering’, ‘trotting’ and the like. However, he now recognises and responds to the word ‘dressage’, mainly by pretending to faint.
      I daren’t confirm or deny whether I can remember Leslie Philips. I’ll just say, he’s an actor who I know of from Radio 4 Extra … Must stop now as the cat is licking the butter dish. Aagh. Will be following your blog.
      Best wishes. DG.

  2. Oh, I’m not non-horsey,dg … I may call you dg? I can ride and used to love a good gallop across stubble fields.
    Thanks for the follow and I just wanted you to know that I had already decided to follow your blog … mainly because your household sounds so much like my own, which is not necessarily a good thing, eh?
    Looking forward to it 🙂
    Much love, Angie

    • Yes, please call me DG. On the face of it, it seems a bit odd to try and remain anonymous, but I wanted to allow myself some ‘safe’ space to both write, and complain (if necessary) about Dystonia… And my annoying, beautiful family. Best wishes, DG.

  3. Love your sense of humor, which is the attitude I strive to undertake towards life with dystonia. You can find my story at Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse: http://www.dystoniamuse.com. I have a Facebook group for dystonia bloggers if you’re on that medium. -Pamela-

    • Hi Pamela. Yes, a sense of humour is essential in this twisty life. I’ll pop over and take a look at your site. I’ve just closed down my personal Facebook account, but perhaps I’ve been too hasty. Best wishes

      • Thank you for following me. As for Facebook, I totally understand. I spend way too much time on my social media – quickly went from 0 to 80 on the highway after launching my blog (lol)! Love your site and I’ve linked to you on my blog. -Pamela-

      • Thanks Pamela. Your site looks great. Please keep in touch.
        Best wishes

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