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Trusty Steed

Here she is. Finally remembered to take my camera and get a shot of my faithful (borrowed) four legged equine, Tosca. Not a classic dressage horse, is she? Conformation? Best not ask. Over track? Er, no. Self carriage? Er, … … Continue reading

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Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 7

Today’s riding has been … wild. I can only assume that the sudden, hot weather has addled our brains, but absolutely nothing has gone to plan. However, one must always focus on the positive, however small. Today, I had my … Continue reading

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Graffiti or Art?

As I walk, walk, walk around the town with a camera at the ready, I’ve started to realise that there is an exceptional artist at work.  I’ve found interesting and well executed pictures, in unusual places, on the streets. I … Continue reading

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Stan, The Seagull

This morning, the Offspring and I were down at school early. As her school is on the seafront, I decided to walk back to town, via the beach. Now, our beach is huge. Approximately three miles wide, half a mile … Continue reading

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A New Gadget

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to receive a camera for my birthday.  This was very timely, as I’ve found it really difficult to find good, and let’s face it, free pictures and photos with which to decorate my blog … Continue reading

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I Have A Brainwave

Sitting amongst the ruins, that I think used to be a kitchen (we are such a messy family), I suddenly had a thought. I’d like to compete in dressage, but I don’t have a horse and the thought of showing … Continue reading

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My New Best Friend

What a beauty! The Hows Racesafe Body Protector, in all its navy glory. A very welcome, early birthday present, from my family. I can’t wait to try it out. My history with body protectors is not particularly good. About 3-ish … Continue reading

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