imageAbout two weeks ago, I suddenly had the urge to watch TV. Where this came from, who knows (?), as I rarely switch on the new fangled, infernal picture machine.

My choice of viewing? An old favourite not seen for a long, long time. Cribb.

I found the entire boxed set, going fairly cheaply (second hand) on Amazon. Out came the credit card and a few days later, Alan Dobie was delivered through our letter box.

Now, if you’re looking for an HD quality picture or any other techno wizardry, you won’t find it in this very entertaining adaption of Peter Lovesey’s Victorian crime series. Mainly because these programmes were made in 1980/81.

Savvy Sergeant Cribb (Alan Dobie) and his long suffering, genial, red-nosed side-kick, Constable Thackeray tackle a whole host of Victorian crimes and misdemeanours, from foxglove poisonings to bare knuckle fights, which centre in and around a London which knows Inspector Abberline as well as it’s music hall stars. Competitive endurance walkers, anarchist bombers and Royalty all find a place in the stories.

All in all, money well spent. Recommended.

[Picture credit: ??? Granada TV?. If this picture is yours please contact me and I will remove or credit appropriately.]


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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