Friday Night

A treat. This evening, my husband left work early and was able to pick both the Offspring and I up from school. Oh, the joy of being able to travel home in a car instead of on public transport!

On the way back to chez nous, we stopped to get shopping and again, how wonderful, I didn’t have to haul this home in my shopping trolley (the ‘Old Lady’ special edition model, in bright pink rather than tartan). Every time I take ‘Tilly’ out for a spin (yes, the shopping trolley has a name), I try and keep a picture of Jamie Oliver in my head. He’s rich and famous and he has one. This makes me feel (slightly) less of a mad old dear.

I would also like to say a further ‘thank you’ to my long suffering husband (who will be reading this) or perhaps it should be an apology – I found a load of Green and Black’s chocolate in the kitchen cupboard. I hope it was meant for me … Because I’ve eaten it. Yum yum.

Anyway, if it wasn’t for me, retribution has been swift, as I am now supervising the Offspring’s homework time.

Does anyone know where the source of the Nile is?


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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