imageThis week, blogging has definitely taken a back seat, as I battle inadequately with a new addiction. Ebay.

Having finally got my Paypal account working again and successfully sold some bits and bobs, I am now scouring the house for anything that can be flogged off. As the place is overflowing with “stuff” collected, and retained (forever) by the rest of the family unit, it won’t be difficult to find candidates for sale.

Getting people to agree to sell though, is an entirely different matter.

My husband, a lovely chap, is the arch hoarder. I’d even go so far as to say that this is his “special power”. I once spent a week clearing our large double garage of dilapidated furniture, old tins of food (never unpacked from a previous house move – ugh!) and more junk than you can imagine. It took three large skips and a load of back breaking work to do. This could only be done when Hoader Man was at work and couldn’t see the contents of the skips. He probably still went out there after I’d fallen asleep to bring things back in, under cover of darkness.

The Offspring has inherited the “Hoarder gene” and is just as bad. However, being a child, she can be reasoned with, if a financial incentive is on offer. This needs careful thought before deployment as the child is highly astute where money is concerned and whilst algebra can occasionally defeat her, I would back her against any Turkish carpet seller in a financial negotiation.

So, what to do?

Open discussions with the Offspring and allow her to keep all Ebay sale proceeds for her stuff, minus mummy’s sales commission.

Advise Hoarder Man that the house is a fire trap and that the people at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not have us on speed dial.

If all this fails, the cats and I will move in to the garden shed and wait for the television crews to arrive.

[Picture credit??? If this is yours please contact me and I will credit or remove. Thank you.]


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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3 Responses to Junk

  1. Thanks for the Sunday morning chortle, DG.

    I used to travel light until I met the present beloved …

    I love moving to new old cottages and doing them up but we now have so much stuff it would be a nightmare as the current husband hoards every cast off going. I hear ebay calling me …

    • Hi Angie. Yes, fire up the laptop and let the bidding commence.

      I have to admit, that I’m not entirely without guilt re: hoarding. Whilst, I can be quite ruthless with my own stuff, I’m so sentimental, I’ve kept virtually every sheet of paper that my daughter has produced at school and I can’t bear to throw away a single baby toy. I think the only answer is to accept the fact that we need a lottery win and a big storage facility. Oh, and someone to catalogue it all, because you can never find it when you want it…!
      Best wishes

  2. Pod says:


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