Cenotes and Turtles

This morning, the alarm clock went off at 06:00am. We peeled ourselves out of bed, had a quick mouthful of too early coffee and went to wait for our guide.

Our plan for the day? Swimming in a freshwater cenote and turtle hunting.

Our guide turned out to be an amusing Portugese, multi-lingual diving instructor, who kept us entertained all the way to our first stop, the cenote.

Cenotes are deep, natural sink holes, filled with fresh water. They are characteristic of Mexico due to its geology. I’ve only seen open air cenotes before e.g. At Chitchen Itza. So, I wasn’t prepared for the need to don a wetsuit and climb down a ladder through a small hole in the jungle floor and into an amazing cave.

The water in the cave was crystal clear, icy cold and very deep in places. Shoals of small fish darted and flashed in the shallows. Overhead, the cavern roof was covered with stalactites and tree roots which had grown through the forest floor to get at the water. Bats flitted amongst the ceiling decorations, swooping to catch bugs and mosquitos.

In the end, I didn’t go into the water, as I’m getting pretty twisted now (dystonia treatment overdue, but not possible for another couple of weeks), but I’m really glad I made it into the cave.

After returning to the jungle, we set off in our minibus, past the coatis, to Akumal and the turtles.  The Offspring is now firmly wedded to the idea of becoming a marine biologist (Even after being told that this is going to mean paying attention at school).

What a great day out!

Want to find out more?
Try http://www.ceakumal.org/index.php

[Editor’s Note: Our waterproof camera is rather old fashioned in that it has film in it, which needs processing. How quaint. So no photos, until next week].


About Dystonia Girl

Writer/reader who likes to do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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