Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 28

There’s been a lot of change at our riding school recently. Our “shouty” riding instructor has left and the replacement is proving to be …an improvement.

Our new instructor is a middle aged lady who knows a lot, has a good sense of humour and very importantly, has a good teaching style with children. The Offspring has come on leaps and bounds, since the shouting stopped and the coaching started.

Having said that, there is one thing that never changes.

Last week our new lady was ill and the replacement (another good egg) had to teach a combined group of me, the Offspring and her two, usual clients. Bearing in mind the age and skill mix of this group she decided to do a flatwork lesson.

Now the Offspring hates anything that smacks of control, in spite of being repeatedly sold the benefits of being able to leg yield, for example (in all areas of riding) by yours truly. Her face, at being asked to do 10m circles, was a picture.

Personally, I found this lesson really interesting because the instructor also has some big physical challenges to overcome (due to injuries), but she translated her experiences into useful ways for me to cope with doing things when Dystonia has me in its grip. And they worked!

Obviously, it’s better not to be hurt and I want her to get better quickly, but the insight was useful.

Time to get the competition calendar out and see if I can make any headway on last year’s dismal performance.

About Dystonia Girl

Writer/reader who likes to do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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2 Responses to Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 28

  1. Pod says:

    Nice to see you blogging again

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