Competition Success

Dressage in the rain.

Dressage in the rain.

Pouring rain and the news that my chosen ride for this evening’s dressage competition had been withdrawn by the owner, were not the best of things to kick off proceedings.

Fortunately, trusty Tosca came to the rescue and we did a very creditable test and came third out of a class of ten or more. So, well done us.

Actually, it’s a miracle, for more reasons than one. Normally, our school holds it’s competition activities in it’s indoor arena, but across the summer, things move outside. So, if it’s raining, …. you get wet. And yes, we got drenched.

Aside from the weather, darling Tosca was just not up for dressage this evening. Hit by sudden onset of ‘Leaden Hooves’ Syndrome (Friday night dressage? You’re having a laugh!), the poor old girl seemed very upset by another horse in the collecting ring. I was just upset by the rider of same.

This particular nag had arrived outside the warm up area, on it’s own, tack in a mess having galloped from the car park. Not good. It looked slightly distressed and out of control. I saw it next in the collecting ring where Tosca and I were trying to work through our standard warm up routine of transitions and flexing. Tosca couldn’t take her eyes off it. And rightly so, neither could I. It’s rider proceeded to ‘motorbike’ the poor thing round and round in a fast canter while shouting at it. Having nearly run us over, I decided that Tosca and I would be safer out in a paddock. Once we were away from the mayhem, with grass under the hooves, things started picking up. Until, of course, we were joined by Motorbiking Rider and her unhappy horse…oh boy!

Whilst I feel that Tosca and I did a good job this evening, there’s no doubt that ‘my’ (she isn’t mine) lovely girl won’t take me any further down the dressage route. Everything about how she holds herself needs work. Alternatively, she would be a great hack. Kind, generous, gentle and sensible. If I could afford her, it would be lovely to buy her for the Offspring, who would proceed to spoil her to bits.

Oh well. I’m off to open the wine, wring out my clothes and thank goodness, that I don’t ride as badly as I thought.

Have a good week.

About Dystonia Girl

Writer/reader who likes to do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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2 Responses to Competition Success

  1. It sounds like a good day and great to read about your placing 🙂 Hopefully, a more suitable dressage partner comes your way some time soon!

    • Hi Aspire. Thanks for dropping by. I’m slowly making progress. I think I will have to start looking for a suitable horse next year. I don’t think I’m going to get much further at the moment. But I shall keep going all the same. Best wishes, DG

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