Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 26

Great fun, but where's F, A, K, E, M, C, H and B?

Great fun, but where’s F, A, K, E, M, C, H and B?

This week, our equine activities have been confined to hacking, swotting horse flies and watching polo. Interesting mix, but sadly none of these have been remotely useful in terms of getting “competition ready” for next Friday.

I am definitely entering something, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to decide what. It all comes down to what horse I can get, so it might be walk/trot intro level or novice!

All of this brings me neatly on to a possible solution to my (as opposed to the Offspring’s) horse (or lack of) problem. Your Horse magazine is running a competition, which has, amongst other things, a horse as the prize.

Leaving aside the ethical/moral issues that such a prize offering presents, the possibility of winning the cash and buying support to buy the perfect horse, is, without doubt, an amazing opportunity.

Sadly, I think that the magazine will be looking for a photogenic, young lady, with an established competition pathway, as a winner, not a broken old wreck with a child.

I’m now busy eating my BHS stable management books for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is useful, regardless of any competition outcome.

If the Your Horse route to horse ownership fails, I’ll have to start saving up and the Offspring will have to go out to work.


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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3 Responses to Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 26

  1. Hello DG, good luck with the dressage endeavours! Regarding the Your Horse competition – I remember following the previous one some years ago where short listed candidates were just your every day horse loving ladies and the winner was as a next-door-neighbour type of person as they come 🙂

    • Hi Aspire. Thank you that’s very kind. Re: Your Horse… Very encouraging…I shall keep going with my entry…I’m through to the second (even though I’ve disputed some of the answers) round.
      I was just looking at your ad for an assistant – what a great opportunity. I’d love to volunteer, but distance and commitments say otherwise.
      Thanks again.

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