Bicycling and Dystonia

On Sunday, I ventured into the depths of our over-stuffed, rubbish filled garage and noticed a set of handlebars poking out from behind a selection of broken electrical items.
About an hour later, my much abused, slightly muddy, pride and joy appeared. My old Raleigh Amazon mountain bike.

I’ve always loved riding a bike and I’ve had this one for twenty years or so. I used to regularly ride long distance, off road when we lived out in the sticks, but as we’ve gradually moved to more a more urban setting, the car’s come out and the bike’s been relegated to the garage.

Until, of course, the Offspring learnt to ride and the old girl sallied forth again.

My Cervical Dystonia diagnosis effectively parked the bike back in storage once more.

Until earlier this week.

A sudden change in the weather, resulted in two days of fabulous sunshine and blue sky. Riding? Tick. Mowed lawn? Tick. Played football with Offspring on aforementioned lawn? Tick. Bike ride? Tick.

… All followed by two days (and counting) of crippling neck pain. I think that this is all due to the riding position in built into a moutain bike. I’ve got the handlebars up as high as they will go, and it’s still not enough – I need to be able to sit absolutely upright.

As Raleigh don’t seem to sell handlebar stems, cash is limited and I don’t much fancy another trip to Halfords, after their attack on my lovely Shimano gears (I’m with Jerome K. Jerome – bicycles should never be maintained or fiddled about with!), I need the services of a kindly, bicycling blacksmith who can come up with a way to build me an adaption.

Anyone up for a challenge?


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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