Fabulous Falmouth

imageSuper duper. Family DG are off to Falmouth in a few weeks time. I can’t wait. We love it.

We started going to Cornwall when the Offspring was born, as it seemed easier to just lob everything into the car and go. But even though we’ve restarted our long haul trips, we still love our visits to this beautiful coastal town.

Generally, we go in the very obvious holiday time of … February. Bit odd? Maybe. But if you’re equipped for the weather, like walks in your wellies, who cares? We can always find something to do, even in the rain. And if all else fails, we can always fall back on the old family standby of staying inside and bickering. Actually, we generally ‘work’ as a family unit, so this doesn’t happen that often.

So, what do we like?

We always stay in the same place. This should mark us own as unimaginative saddos, but as the cottages are well equipped, peaceful and you can hear owls hunting at night time, we beg to differ. Distance to nice beach? 1 mile approx. Said beach also has a great cafe where you can get all the usual stuff plus fab houmous and rocket sandwiches. Scrummy. All topped off with a lovely view.

Other pleasant ways to spend your time?

– Rick Stein’s fish and chip shop.

– Jamie Oliver’s restaurant (Fifteen) over at Watergate Bay.

– Crab hunting at the National Maritime Museum.

– Pendennis Castle.

– Ships and Castles swimming pool (especially when the wave machine is on).

Springfields (for quick horsey fix for the Offspring).

– Art galleries. Never buy, but love to browse.

– The beach. And the sea. It’s a lovely blue/green/grey. And there’s a better class of seagull. The one’s at home are right chavs. Probably due to their staple diet of chips, curry and junk leftovers from the local seafront eating establishments.

– Gardens.

– Family time, just hanging out together.

The list goes on. And just 38 days to go.

[Picture credit: bbc.co.uk]


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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5 Responses to Fabulous Falmouth

  1. Hello DG – your destination sounds fabulous and got to love classy seagulls 😉 I went to Anglesey last week and they are pretty classy ones there! 😉

  2. Hi DG – you’re talking about Gyllyngvase Beach café I take it? Super place, isn’t it? Better class of seagull *chortle!*
    Have a lovely time … there is always something magical about the seaside – and Cornwall especially – out of season.

    • Hi Angie. The cafe at Gyllyngvase is great, but the one closest to where we stay is at Swanpool. ‘Cafe’ is a bit of a grand name for the beach hut serving teas and coffees down there, which is why the quality/diversity of the food is a bit of a surprise. I hope it’s still open!
      Yes, we’re looking forward to going. Thank you. It’s a bit like ‘coals to Newcastle’, as we live by the sea anyway, but Cornwall’s got the edge.
      Best wishes

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