Star Trek: Into Darkness

imageWith family viewing tastes as diverse as ours, finding something that all of us can watch, together, can be a challenge. This week, we picked Star Trek: Into Darkness. Loads of ‘whizz, bang, explode’ for the nine year old, star ships for the grown up nine year old and Benedict Cumberbatch for mummy.

Plot? Good guys go after rogue bad guy (who threatens wholesale destruction) played by Englishman with fab voice. End of. I’ll say no more.

Characters? Leaving aside the rather nice Mr. Cumberbatch, Simon Pegg makes a very watchable ‘Scotty’, but Kirk and Spock remain enigmas to me. Kirk is over-excitable, over emotional and generally, all over the place. I’d be damned scared on any ship under his command. Spock, on the other hand, walks around like he’s got a deckchair up his ar*e.

Effects? If you like that kind of thing, it looked superb. We watched it in 3D HD. Very nice.

Overall? Watchable fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Set phasers on stun and enjoy. Something to fill the time before Rush comes out on DVD.

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