The Pink Panther

imageThis week, in the search for a ‘family friendly’ film that was bereft of large explosions, inappropriate sexual references and animals, I picked up a gem from 1963. The Pink Panther.

Now, I would never say that anything directed by Blake Edwards was going to be a highbrow masterpiece, but there’s no doubt that it was a reasonably enjoyable way to keep your eyeballs entertained.

The best bits …

The clothes. Well, a film is a visual experience and Yves St. Laurent provided the leading ladies with a chic, French wardrobe. 8/10.
Peter Sellers. Inspector Clouseau is essentially a bumbling, but lovable character, presumably designed to allow the English to laugh in their sleeves at the French. Prone to idiocy, the character is a dreamer, ill suited to life in the police force. Sellers pulls off the difficult job making Clouseau watchable and charming. 10/10.
David Niven. Smooth, unflappable. The perfect lounge lizard. Watch and learn. 10/10.
Selected scenes and set pieces. Enjoyed Clouseau’s trip in the police car after being framed by his wife and ‘the Princess’, for example. And, the sight of his police colleagues dressed as a pantomime zebra, drinking from the party punch bowl. 7/10.
Direction. On the whole, good. Pace, pace, pace. 6/10.

The boring bits…

‘Drunk’. The ‘Princess’ getting drunk. Went on far too long. Best bit? When she passed out. Amen. 2/10.
Singing at the chalet party. Is this a musical now? 2/10.

On the whole, an enjoyable hour and a half. Which is good – there’s another four in the box.

[Picture credit ??? Found this image on the internet and would love to give someone the credit as it’s not mine. If it’s yours, please contact me and I will remove or credit appropriately. Thank you.]


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