Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 12

imageThis week, I’m in the doldrums. I’ve nearly reached the stage of lying face down on the floor and howling insanely. In fact, yes, I think I will …… That feels better. Now, back to the riding.

Last week I had a very stressful week (nothing to do with riding) and this has triggered my long running on-off heart problems. And made my neck zap to the left and stay there.  Obviously, this all happened because I wanted to have another go at doing a dressage test.

Just to make things worse Tosca is going to remain on holiday until (possibly) the end of September and the fact that Barney (the replacement) and I just don’t seem to ‘click’ and what have you got?

A big pile of frustration.

All I want to do is an introductory BD test. How hard can it be? Well, actually, quite hard it would seem.

So, a thirty second rant seems in order.

First up. Barney. He’s a lovely chap (what horse isn’t?) and I do like riding different horses, but somehow, that magical bond isn’t there. This could just be down to the fact that I want the red lady back and I’m not being very fair to him. Sorry, little fella. Next week, I’ll be riding ‘big’ Harry (17.3). He’s a total sweety (more about him another time), but he represents another week ‘lost’ whilst I adjust to him.

Secondly, heart problems. Hopefully, this is transitory as I haven’t had any major problems for a couple of years now. Very frustrating that this should happen, now. Reduces me to slow, happy hacker. Even the child has been shouting at me to speed up.  Charming. Thanks kid.

Thirdly, I’ve actually learnt the flipping test.

Ok, rant over. Question time.

Give up? No. I love riding. Stamp collecting just isn’t for me.

Health? Just keep going. Remember that mad woman who rode with all the heart monitors? That was you. Horses help.

Self pity? Unattractive and not allowed. Re-focus and make a plan. These are temporary set backs.

Keep calm, and … walk on. Just very slowly.

[Picture credit ??? Found this image on the internet and would love to give someone the credit as it’s not mine. If it’s yours, please contact me and I will remove or credit appropriately. Thank you.]


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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2 Responses to Horse Riding and Dystonia. Progress Report 12

  1. Knickers! A three steps backward sort of week then? Just when you were doing so well. 😦
    How’s the botox working out, DG? And do you think lying on the floor howling could become a useful therapy? Lots of love and nil carborundum illegitimi. x

    • Hi Angie. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, it’s all been ‘a bit much’. However, it’s amazing what large quantities of Green and Black’s chocolate can do. I eat it and the family stick it in their ears when the screaming starts (Joke!). Botox has helped (hurrah) but stress hasn’t. But, I live in hope.

      I meant to reply to your book post, but ran out of time yesterday. Speaking as the ‘short order cook’ of the blogging world (i.e. very little, very unconnected, very often) I’m always filled with total admiration for anyone who can write a book. The marketing aspect is definitely worth some careful thought. After all that effort, you need the right end result, which is presumably commercial, as well as creative, success. Just don’t give up.
      Best wishes

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