imageHere he is, the latest addition to our household.


A post about a vacuum cleaner? You could be forgiven for thinking a number of things starting with, “What?”. Closely followed by, “Nurse, bring the tranquilliser gun” and a swift “Unfollow”. But in our family, Henry represents a Significant Event.

I would estimate that in the last three years, we have bought, and abandoned, at least three vacuum cleaners and I’m totally at a loss to account for their rubbish performance. True, we have pets, but then the equipment gets looked after, filters get changed/washed, bags/cylinders emptied. It’s nothing to do with kit price point. A Dyson also went the way of the others and followed its brethren down to Council’s recycling facility. So what’s going on? Have we just become the world’s dustiest family? Er, possibly. Moving quickly on.

Having despaired of ever finding a hoover capably of taking the strain of life with family DG, I suddenly remembered Henry.

When I was at university (not ‘uni’, thank you.), ‘Henrys‘ were standard issue in student accommodation. Bullet proof. Reliable. Indestructable. One student, of my acquaintance had an accident with a tin of baked beans. Well, it got left on top of an electric hob. Unopened. Until it exploded. Who stepped in to help clean up the mess? You’ve guessed it. Ate the lot. Baked beans, metal shards, tomato sauce. Sorted.

So, a big warm welcome to little, red H.

We need you.

[Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Our Henry’s too shy to come out of the cupboard under the stairs and have his picture taken.]


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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6 Responses to Henry

  1. Another vote of excellence for Henry from me! I once used one to hoover a tack room after some work being done to it. Henry took care of pieces of gravel, spilled water, horse hair, outdoor dust, pieces of tack, bits of horse food…etc. He lived 🙂

    • You have to ask what’s Henry got that the others haven’t? I’ve come to the conclusion that they are built along the same lines as field kit for military personnel. Simple. Tough.
      Bet wishes
      Ps any joy with your yard hunt?

      • I was thinking this too and agree that it’s probably a combination of some sturdy system with old technology. Modern equipment seems to be designed for frequent turn over and money making.

        Sadly, no joy yet. It’s a frustrating, annoying, disheartening process but it will take some more to stop me from trying.

        All the best,

  2. Okay … just let us know when Henry turns up his toes too, yeah? Are you possibly going for s record here? 🙂

    • Oh boy. Hope not. We, well I, have the same effect on lawnmowers. When we go to Argos and pick up any form of electrical equipment, it starts shouting “Please take me back to the warehouse, I’ll be good”, rather than come home with us. I’m beginning to think the house lies on some kind of ley line or whatever they’re called, which spooks anything electrical.
      Best wishes

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