Five Days and Counting

Botox A

Botox A

Just five days to go before Botox treatment. Well, four, if you don’t count today, … or treatment day.

It won’t be pleasant, but I am ever hopeful that it will really have a positive impact on my condition.

I’m rather ‘betting the farm’ on Botox, because it has been used successfully as a treatment for Dystonia, with few side effects, for a long time. Hence my desire to stick with this, alone, rather than add in other pills and potions.

I can’t help thinking that other, more general, types of medication have a similar effect to throwing a pebble in a pond. A small ‘plop’, then the big ripples start. Obviously, I’m a trained neurologist (not) and so I can make these statements based on absolutely no knowledge whatsoever.

My neurologist gave me the ‘starter’ Botox dose, back in April. Then offered me additional medication in May. I picked up the prescription from the chemist, took it home, sat it on the kitchen table. And stared at it.

The side effects of these little pills were guarenteed memory loss and ‘feeling spaced out’. Not appealing on any front. And if you work as an accountant, ‘forgetting’ ain’t good. “Sorry, I forgot to pay all our suppliers this week and now there’s no electricity” are not words, I’d ever like to say.

So, the pills remain untaken. And life goes on.

My defence for defying the medical profession can be summarised in just two points:

  • I’ve got my whole life to experiment with dystonia. It’s uncurable. So, unless your quality of life is being seriously impacted, don’t rush into things.
  • I only had the starter dose of Botox and larger, routine dosings of this, may be all I need. But if I start taking other things before this routine is established, how will I know what is effective (or not)? And this lack of knowledge may doom me to a lifetime of inappropriate medication.

I hope my neurologist is reading this, then she might be less cross with me on Tuesday, as I’m sure she will be re: the pills. (“Difficult”, has probably already appeared on my medical records). But there are two opinions involved in Dystonia Girl’s care.

And one of them’s mine.

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About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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5 Responses to Five Days and Counting

  1. I think you are absolutely spot-on here, DG. I’m afraid I have little faith in the medical profession at times – they often seem to just want rid of you. Your point about how can you tell which treatment is being effective when you are having more than one at a time is a classic example.

    When I was a complementary therapist our golden rule was only try one therapy at a time … so that you do not waste money on a therapy that was not working but which you dare not stop in case that was the effective one.

    It’s not being difficult … it’s just plain common sense. You can even add the pills later on as an adjunct but in my experience of drugs they can often make you feel worse … as you have already discovered.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the Botox, m’dear …

    • Hi Angie. Glad I’m not alone in thinking all this.
      In fairness to the neurologist, she’s clearly trying to help and I am fairly medication-phobic. However, the number of people that I come across that are on whole cocktails of pills is quite large and none of them seem to be able to retreat from this position, even if things aren’t working. I find this frightening. Plus, (to me) mucking about with your brain chemistry is not some to be undertaken lightly (‘the pebble in the pond’).

      On a different note, how’s the writing going? Hopefully, ok?
      Best wishes

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