No Hablo Espanol

Mexican flora

Mexican flora

It’s amazing how quickly, you can slow down, if you try.

We’ve been in Puerto Morelos for two days now and so far all we’ve done is sit in the sunshine, swim and eat. Normally, we run around like lunatics, so this is … very pleasant.

Having broken every rule in the book regarding eating i.e. fresh cut fruit, salads etc., we seem to be ok. But then we’ve used this hotel chain quite a few times now and we’ve never had any problems.

This morning, the old brain reached into deep storage and dragged up some non-English words. Blimey. The waiter spoke to me in English and I replied in hilarious, pigeon Spanish. I’m sure his friends and family will enjoy that one later tonight. “She said, what?”

To be honest, this is a bit pathetic. We’ve been travelling to Latin America for 20 years and every year, I say, “This year, I’m going to learn Spanish” and I never get further than “Pollo”. This is useful-ish, but I can think of better words. The best place to go to learn, of course, would be the “total immersion” language schools that used to exist around Antigua in Guatemala, but I’m guessing my employer might not be too happy about my attending for three months!

My worst experience on the language front was at Cartagena airport in Colombia. I had learned the phrase, “What time does the plane leave?”, so I marched up to the check in desk to ask. I asked. Had no idea what the reply meant and being slightly worried that our plane had left, tried to communicate with the highly excitable lady behind the desk. Net result? Soldiers with guns moving in our direction (they actually turned out to be quite friendly). However, this experience may have been instrumental in putting me off going further on the Spanish front.

Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and I’m trying everything I can to keep my brain stimulated in lots of different ways, as people report that painting and other creative activities help them cope with dystonia. So, maybe this year, is the year.

Hasta luega, amigos!

[Apologies to any Spanish speakers for spelling mistakes.]


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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