The Return of a Wartime Disease



Unbelievably, scurvy and rickets are on the increase in the UK. According to our newspaper, children in some sections of the population are living on pure junk diets.

The credit crisis is cited as a major factor in this as people percieve that fruit and vegetables are expensive. But are they really? And in actual fact, did the move to convenience food start much, much earlier?

If I think back to my childhood, I can distinctly remember an incident at school, when the home economics mistress put up the list of ingredients we would need for a meal she wanted us to cook. This list included a long list of tinned items.

Now, as far as I knew, none of my school fellows ate tinned food and in my case, my family grew pretty much everything we ate, on the fruit and veg front. I’d never seen or heard of a carrot in a tin until that point.

The home economics mistress continued to take this nutritional tack for as long as I remained in the school, much to my mother’s horror. So, even subtly, the education system was pushing people away from doing the right thing …and that was a long time ago.

Regarding cost. It’s true, if you haven’t got much, even a pound can seem a lot. But a 35p apple might make all the difference to your child.


About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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2 Responses to The Return of a Wartime Disease

  1. I too come from a family where everything was (and still is) cooked or made from fresh. My grandparents grew their own fruit and veg and unlike some kids I teach I knew whether potato grew in soil or on trees as ready made fries. The Jamie Oliver first show about school dinners fascinated me but also totally shocked me.
    We are what we eat and sadly, it’s evident who spends their 35p on an apple and who adds another pound or two for a Big Mac…

    My lottery fantasy is to have a cook who prepares fresh meals, freshly squeezed juices etc for me everyday! 😀

    • Absolutely. Fresh is best. When I win the lottery, I plan to have an enormous kitchen garden (plus a dressage schoolmaster) which feeds the house, just like my parents had.
      Best wishes

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