Graffiti or Art?



As I walk, walk, walk around the town with a camera at the ready, I’ve started to realise that there is an exceptional artist at work.  I’ve found interesting and well executed pictures, in unusual places, on the streets.

I found the picture with this post, down a side street, off the main thoroughfare. A full size Darth Vader, paintbrush in hand, lurks in another unloved part of the town (this will be going up on, shortly). And I now pass another interesting composition when I’m on the bus, but I’ll need a car to get to photograph that one.

These pictures have made me think again about graffiti.

Nine times out of ten, I would say ‘criminal damage’. And frankly, if I woke up one morning and found a life size picture of a Predator painted on my wall, I would be exceptionally cross.

However, these are very good …

Therefore, I’ve decided to assume that artist got permission first. Then I can enjoy them for what they are.

Something out of the ordinary in our bland urban landscape.

About Dystonia Girl

Writer/reader who likes to do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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