Stan, The Seagull

Stan the Seagull's friend

Stan the Seagull’s friend

This morning, the Offspring and I were down at school early. As her school is on the seafront, I decided to walk back to town, via the beach.

Now, our beach is huge. Approximately three miles wide, half a mile plus deep (depending on the tide), flat and made of fine sand. Lovely. And this morning, I had it all to myself. I couldn’t see a single soul. In any direction. Actually, there appeared to be no life at all. Apart from one seagull.

Having the camera in my bag, I whipped this out with the intention of taking a picture of this large predatory gull, who stood about six yards away from me. He immediately turned his back on me and moved a few steps away and stopped. I moved towards him. He moved away and stopped again. We kept at this for about ten minutes. In the end, he and I were trotting round each other, in circles. Net result? One picture of a gull’s back. Great.

This all seemed a bit surprising, as our experience of the beach gulls is that they’re very tame, with advanced food search and recover skils.

A couple of years ago, we conducted an experiment with the gulls. As they love junk food, this involved the use of those highly nutritious snacks, Hula Hoops. The gulls were zooming around the beach, showing off their flying skills. So, we placed a single Hula Hoop on the sand a few yards from where we were sitting. It took about five seconds for one of the gulls to clock the Hula Hoop. It then descended with the speed of a Spitfire, accurately pinpointed the Hula Hoop and was seen chewing it, as it pulled away into a complicated flight path over a sea front hotel. We continued this activity until all the Hula Hoops were gone. Fascinating.

My daughter saw the picture of the gull, found it hilarious and immediately christened him Stan.

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Writer/reader who likes to do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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4 Responses to Stan, The Seagull

  1. Oh, I love gulls! Except when they decide they must have the ice cream you are presently eating. Apart from that I think they are the ultimate survivor. I guess they’ll still be around after the apocalypse, DG.
    I have just raced through a couple of your other posts in an effort to track you down. I’m presently thinking West Country, like me.
    Gentle hug … avoiding hurting your neck πŸ™‚

    • Hi Angie. Glad to hear from you. Looks like I’ll have to set a geographic posting puzzle. Yes, we do live down in the West Country (which we love). Although, we are ‘recent interlopers’ as we’ve only been here for seven years. Prior to that, we lived out in the sticks in Hampshire. But we’re all in agreement that whatever we do, we’ll need to stay by, or near, the sea. Best wishes, DG πŸ™‚

  2. anitadresden says:

    Hello there DG I was interested to read this because it revived memories of my eldest sons baby hood (he is now 31). I Had bought him a beautifully illustrated book called Samantha Seagull’s Sandals. Samantha had a mate called Stan! Take care and have fun with your camera. πŸ™‚

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