I Have A Brainwave

British Dressage website

British Dressage website

Sitting amongst the ruins, that I think used to be a kitchen (we are such a messy family), I suddenly had a thought.

I’d like to compete in dressage, but I don’t have a horse and the thought of showing myself at a proper competition scares the breeches off me at the moment.

Therefore, a cunning plan is required. And I think I have it. Internet dressage. Why didn’t I think of this before?


  • I can use my trusty borrowed nag.
  • I don’t need to travel.
  • I can use the arena I’m used to.
  • I often have the whole thing to myself, because no one else wants to have lessons in the early morning.
  • I can effectively take part in the competition without anyone else knowing (Don’t need to wear competition gear. A double benefit. I never looked that great in white breeches).
  • If it’s a disaster, I can destroy the evidence.
  • If I send an entry and it’s a disaster, it will be buried somewhere on You Tube, never to see the light of day again.


  • Can’t think of anything at the moment… Apart from …
  • … Need to turn the house upside down to find the British Dressage test sheets. Hmm. Not good.

The Plan

I’ll be away during July, which will disrupt things and I’m scheduled to have my next treatment during the first week in August. This could take a couple of weeks to take effect. So, how about doing a test in September?

Dare I do it? I’ll find the tests and see if I can actually get through one, then decide.

Looks promising though.

About Dystonia Girl

Writer/reader who likes to do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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2 Responses to I Have A Brainwave

  1. I used Dressage Anywhere with my riders as part of the Aspire training plans – great fun, great goals, great feedback, What’s not to like 🙂 Do it! 🙂

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