International Helmet Awareness Day – 22 June 2013

If you didn’t already know it, today is International Helmet Awareness Day.

If you think you don’t need a hat because you’re pretty good and your horse is bombproof, think again. Accidents happen to the best riders, best horses and best rider-horse combinations.

In March 2010, Olympic dressage rider Courtney King-Dye was schooling a horse, without wearing her riding helmet. The horse tripped and fell, and she was badly injured. As a result of this accident, she suffered major brain trauma.

She’s still on the long road to recovery, over three years later.

I have a neurological disorder (not accident related) and I’m here to tell you it’s not nice. So, if an accident to your very precious and amazing brain can be avoided by wearing a hat, just do it. No excuses.

Keep safe.

Want to find out more?
Visit Riders4helmets at



About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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