Polo, Princes and Foxhounds

Polo at Beaufort. 16th June 2013

Polo at Beaufort. 16th June 2013

Our activities today have been somewhat diverse. My husband got mud on his trousers and ruined his shoes. We got to pat the Duke of Beauforts’ foxhounds and we saw Princes William and Harry do battle on the polo field.

As you might guess from all of the above, we’ve spent the day at Beaufort Polo Club, in Gloucestershire. The weather misbehaved and gave us a bit of a drenching, but on the whole, a great day out.

As we arrived, the commentator was just announcing that the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt would be coming on to the polo field. Now, the Offspring does love foxhounds and to ensure that she got to see them, I took an ‘Executive decision’ that the quickest way on to the field was via a substantial dry stone wall. Having given the Offspring a leg up, she successfully climbed over. Me next. Threw my handbag over, then clambered, very ungracefully, up the stonework and into the field. Husband followed. Not sure what happened, but the grumbling indicated that he found our antics not at all to his satisfaction. I turned, to see him staring in disbelief at the state of his trousers (muddy) and one of his best pairs of shoes (very muddy).

Having got onto the field we were able to meet the hounds, who were immensely friendly and very excited at all the attention. Their athleticism is astounding. Seeing them work, as a team, with the hunt staff is quite a sight. I’m glad I’m not a fox.

Next up polo. We were there for the main charity match which saw a team from Beaufort play Royal Salute. The Royal Salute team included Prince Harry and Prince William played for the home side. An exciting match. But I love polo, so it would have to be very poor playing for me not to enjoy it. Fast, furious, exhilarating. And beautiful ponies. What’s not to like? The food and retail opportunities at these events also tends to be excellent.  Where else could you get aged sirloin steak burgers?

So, if you’ve never tried anything horsey before, give polo a go. Chukkas only last for seven minutes and a match can be played in about three quarters of an hour. At half time, you’re encouraged to get up and march around the field to ‘tread the divots’. A good opportunity for a chat and a walk.

Boredom just isn’t an option.


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