Hospital Heal Thyself

“Watch Your Local Newspaper”
Charles Henry Alston. Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

A couple of weeks ago, our local newspaper reported that our town’s hospital was going to be put up for sale. This provoked a mixed response. Frankly, the anecdotal reports about the place and the quality of it’s activities have never been that good. However, this week it plummeted even lower.

Again the local press have been busy reporting on the outcome of a recent, surprise visit by the Care Quality Commission and the results of this make a frightening read. Staff shortages remain a major failing and patient safety is now becoming an issue. At one point, A & E had no staff to triage inbound patients!

With a potential sale in the offing and these kind of problems swilling around, the local hospital management is going to have to dig deep, fast, to boost morale, retain staff and get standards up. If the hospital fails, the townsfolk will be the losers in this, as another part of the local (partially functioning) healthcare network disappears.

An impossible task? Maybe. But the price of failure is likely to be a life.

Is this an acceptable alternative?

I don’t think so.

[Editor’s Note: this is my first attempt at getting a picture on to a post. I didn’t realise that I’m such a closet Luddite. So, if it looks a bit odd, my apologies.]


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