Tough Week

I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say “Thank goodness, it’s Friday!”. It’s been a tough week for me.

I returned to work on Monday, after an absence of two months. And let’s not beat about the bush. It’s been difficult. Being a desk jockey when your head is at a 45 degree angle to where it should be is always going to present a challenge. Having said all that, I think the worst of the problems are arising as a result of what I’m doing in the time after work.

Let me explain.

As dystonia causes my neck to twist, I’m not able to drive at the moment and this is where the problem lies. I reckon I have clocked up around 20, reasonably lengthy, bus trips this week. This includes trips to pick up the Offspring from school, as well as journeys from work. As the bus services are hourly, I am spending virtually the whole of the afternoon ‘in transit’ or walking around waiting for a bus to appear. So, clearly I need to think again about how I can organise my productive work time to reduce this and, consequently, the strain on my neck.

On the upside, something strange is happening. I’m starting to talk to my fellow passengers, who, like me, tend to catch buses at exactly the same time every day. As the buses are small and the drivers fairly friendly, these trips are starting to resemble club outings.



About Dystonia Girl

Horse rider who loves to blog and do lots of other things too. Lives with, but is not defined by, a rare neurological condition called Dystonia.
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